Lion Tamers

When I was in kindergarten I was asked by my teacher what I wanted to be, and I told her a lion tamer.  What a damn fool I was at 5 years old.  Or maybe not.  Maybe I should have followed my dream?  Instead I followed the dream of computers and developing a web site where I get pictures of common people humping uncommon things.  I am really living the dream.  If you need proof just look at these 2 guys. Samsung

The guy on the business end of the lion looks a little stunned by what is going on, and the finger to the mouth says to me, “I’m really naughty.”  I bet you are.  The chubby guy up front is a whole other story.  Is he wearing a ecko shirt?  That is one trendy SOB.  If you going to be a bit chubby, and will be humping a giant lion, then you better try to look your best.


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