King of the Jungle my Ass!

About a year ago I was at the zoo with my 2 year old and we looking at the lions and lionesses.  And then all of a sudden, the lion got up, went over to the lioness and proceeded to hump the living daylights out of  the her.  I looked around and I saw moms and dads shielding their kids eyes and whisked them away in a hurry.  But not me, I stood there and laughed my ass off.  Since my daughter was so young, I really didn’t need to explain, but if one day she grows up and laughs hysterically when ever she sees 2 animals humping, then I will know that she is truly my daughter.

So in today’s picture I can only hope that moms and dads had to shield their kids eyes when this extraordinary hump took place.  Well done fellow humpers.  You make me proud.

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