Deer Humping Season

You gotta love the rednecks and white trash that put up lawn statues in their yard.  They really make for great humping opportunities, but I really do get why you would want a fake deer in your yard.  I can understand a garden Nome or even a bird bath, but what is the obsession with fake deer?  I just don’t get it.  Are you that into nature that you have to have a statue of a deer in your yard?  Maybe Jethro likes looking at it after he gets done banging his sister?  Maybe the statue of a deer helps wipe away the sin and memory of incest?  I really don’t know, but what I do know is people humping these lawn deer is pretty funny.

So let’s break down this hump of this poor defenseless deer.  This girl, I hope, is intoxicated and seems to be having a great time with our little friend here.  She has great form, but what really makes this hump great is the cigarette hanging out of her mouth.  The amount of concentration you must have to be able to smoke and hump at the same time boggles my mind.  Also please note her head is slightly tilted back as to say, “I enjoy this, thanks for taking my picture.” 

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