Humping is Racing

Danica is leaving the Indy Racing League to go do NASCAR full time, and she will be getting humped all over the place on race day.  Just remember, Humping is racing… or something like that.

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Hump My Face – Please?

There is not much to do in Indianapolis on a Saturday night.  I guess if you are not going to get your face humped, you might as well hump a face.

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Camping has never been this much fun.

Well, this is a first.  A guy humping a tent.  As far as I know most humping is done inside a tent not on a tent.  But then again, what is camping if there is not an over abundance of alcohol consumed and someone decides to act a fool.


Buffalo Grove, Illinois – Buffalo Humping Capitol of the World

Are you bored?  Do you need something to do?  Well, pack up your car and head to Buffalo Grove, Illinois where the buffalo statues are scattered through out the town for your humping pleasure.

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Deer Humpers Rejoice!

I think I am all out of jokes about people humping fake deers.  I probably have 20 or so submissions with people humping deer.  I guess I could make fun of the guy doing the humping, but I really don’t have that in me today.   bassproshophump  Anyway, here is a picture of a guy in a Bass Pro Shop humping a a fake deer.  Enjoy and have a good weekend.

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Riding the Pine

This picture is what makes guys guys.  Most women would have seen 2 picnic tables stacked on top of each other humpingbench  and would have not given it another thought.  Now take a guy, he sees something like this, and the first thing to pop in his mind is, “Those picnic tables are humping each other.”  And then the next thing to go through his mind is, “I need to get in on this!”  Nice to see this guy get in on the “Orgy of Benches.”

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The Deer Humper

“A deer has to be taken with one shot. I try to tell people that but they don’t listen.” – Robert DeNiro’s character in the Deer Hunter.

I have a feeling this guy has the same idea, you only get once chance to hump a deer, so you better make it count.  I guess I feel that way with all humping.  Once hump, one kill.

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What the Hell is going on?

I usually do not post pictures of this nature, but it is by far one of the funniest pictures that someone has submitted in a long time. How can you look at this picture and not laugh? Let me break down why this picture is funny.

  1. There are 2 dogs humping .  This is always funny.  If you don’t think so, please leave my site and never come back.
  2. There is a guy using a stick as his penis to entice and tease 2 dogs, which are humping each other.
  3. The guy with the stick appears to be having the best time of his life.
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Another jackass humping a Cannon

Seriously, what is up with all the pictures I am getting of dudes humping cannons.  I find these picture especially disturbing because this guy has to get on his tip toes to get the proper humping angle.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the pictures.  Please keep them coming, but this guy is really putting in some effort.  In the one picture he is actually puffing up his cheeks, as to say, “Get ready, my cannon is going to hurt you real bad!”



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King of the Jungle my Ass!

About a year ago I was at the zoo with my 2 year old and we looking at the lions and lionesses.  And then all of a sudden, the lion got up, went over to the lioness and proceeded to hump the living daylights out of  the her.  I looked around and I saw moms and dads shielding their kids eyes and whisked them away in a hurry.  But not me, I stood there and laughed my ass off.  Since my daughter was so young, I really didn’t need to explain, but if one day she grows up and laughs hysterically when ever she sees 2 animals humping, then I will know that she is truly my daughter.

So in today’s picture I can only hope that moms and dads had to shield their kids eyes when this extraordinary hump took place.  Well done fellow humpers.  You make me proud.

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