Get some humping

Get some humping

Better late than never.





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Happy New Hump Year

We are fast approaching 2014 – so to ring in the new year here is a favorite hump of mine.




Donkey Humping

Lets hump a donkey.  OK?

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Ohhhh Billy…..

Do you think when they put this statue up of Billy Graham, that people would be inclined to hump it?  What if it became a tradition of humping this statue for good luck?  That would be awesome!  I guess we would have to make up some urban legend that a person humped this statue and they won the lottery next week.

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Skinwalker dugan does tall tiger

Not really sure what to say.  The description on the picture was “skinwalker dugan does tall tiger.”  I think I will leave it at that.

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Ohhh… A baby elephant, how cute. Let’s hump it!

Baby Elephants are so cute and wrinkly, kind of like an old person, but an old person smells way worse.  Why is that?  Anyway, here is a pic of a person humping a baby elephant.

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Vietnam Humping

Do you think people in Vietnam ever get tired of Americans yelling “Good Morning Vietnam!”  F-U Robin Williams, thanks for running a good salutation.  Here is a girl I know from my home town.  I think she teaches English or something in Vietnam.  Good to see teachers humping something besides their students.

Happy Humpday – enjoy!

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New Theory on Dinosaurs extinction – They were humped to death.

Dinosaurs were humped to death by fertile cave men, thus causing the animals to become extinct.  Now before you start on your high horse about how cavemen and dinosaurs never lived at the same time, I know this.  But remember, this site is about humping things and not about being historically accurate.  But I do believe that Jesus road a T-Rex to the last super, and Fred and Barney actually took the place of John and Paul.


Ronald McDonald Hump

I will take a large fry and one reverse hump on Ronald’s face.  By the way, I hate clowns.

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Best Looking Humper ever!

This girl is by far the best looking humper we have had on the site.  Enough said – please enjoy the Humping pictures.


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